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Pretend With Me for Awhile: Love and Friendship Are Not Mutually Exclusive

My new single "Pretend" is about falling in love with your best friend. Stream it now!

My new single "Pretend" is about falling in love with your best friend. It's a fun song about the complications of this romance, and two people's longings to make it work. In the past, I was in this exact situation, and it was really hard. I was constantly overthinking and allowing my hesitations to get the best of me. What if he doesn't like me? How will we stay friends? What if I'm reading his signals wrong? I never wanted to put my feelings out there first, but I did eventually because I had to get an answer. The idea of falling for a friend is scary because there's always the chance of losing that friend if it doesn't work out. This is why it takes Harry and Sally (rent this movie for research) YEARS to realize that they want to be with each other. There's a reason why this is such a major theme in romantic comedies: it's relatable.

My advice to all of you is to go for it. You'll never know how your friend feels unless you open up to them and start this conversation. If feelings are reciprocated, don't be afraid to give it a chance! Allow yourself to be happy and don't let your fears get in the way. If feelings aren't reciprocated, it's still going to be okay. I'm still friends with someone who I had really strong feelings for - It took a minute to readjust once I was honest about how I felt, but we were too important to each other's lives to make things awkward and distant. If your friend ditches you because of your openness, then they weren't true friends to begin with. I've learned this lesson too.

I give great advice, but it's hard for me to take it. Damn!

We're all works in progress, and we all want the same things. Love and friendship are not mutually exclusive - you need both components to make a relationship work. You need the spark, the butterflies, and the giddy feeling you have whenever you see that person. You also need the fun, humor, and compatibility that makes you want to hang out with them all the time! Don't be afraid of the spark, and just pretend for awhile.

Stream my new single "Pretend (feat. wolfi)" now!


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Music and lyrics written by Emerson Vernon

Produced by Emerson Vernon

Performed by Maggie Schneider and wolfi

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