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My New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of the year when we come up with our New Year's Resolutions. Whether we share them with the world or not, we all come up with something that we want to change or achieve. It can be big, small, personal, or ambitious - all that matters is what the resolution means to us.

Now, I know what all of you are thinking: Yes, it is also a human tradition for most everyone to give up on their New Year's resolutions on January 2nd. And that's okay! Sometimes, the resolutions we come up with don't reflect who we truly are or what we want to do. We want to please the people around us and their expectations, even to the detriment of ourselves.

This is not a way to live.

Instead, I challenge all of you to achieve what you want to achieve this year; to change what you want to change; to live freely and happily; to make a positive impact. To help inspire your resolutions, I've put together a list of what I want to achieve and change in 2019:

1. I resolve to volunteer and work with non-profit organizations that I am passionate about.

It is my goal to connect with organizations and foundations such as Hope For the Day, The Born This Way Foundation and To Write Love On Her Arms. I want to raise money and awareness for causes I am passionate about through my music and other creative projects. Giving back will make me feel fulfilled.

2. I resolve to express myself honestly through my music, and to push myself to become a better artist.

This is a New Year's Resolution I make every year, and one that I will never break. I am currently in the studio working on new music with my best friends and favorite collaborators, all of whom are pushing and supporting me through every lyric and melody I record. We are doing everything we can to perfect these songs, while maintaining the raw emotion and meaning behind them. I resolve to never release music that I don't believe in or can connect to on a personal level. I always hope that the stories I write about in my songs are relatable and moving to you all. I have so much more to learn this year, and I'm ready for it.

3. I resolve to speaking my mind and better expressing my feelings.

It can be scary for me to open up in everyday life sometimes, when I don't have music or lyrics to fall back on. I often regret the things I don't say in the moment, but I want this to change. Every year I get better at opening up, and 2019 will be the year of daily openness.

4. I resolve to connecting with more people.

I want to connect with more of you this year. This means playing more shows, traveling, and connecting with new people online and in-person. I hope to build a tight-knit community with all of my listeners around the world, and I'd love your feedback and ideas for how to do this. You are the reason why my music is being heard.

What do you want to do in 2019? Let me know, and remember to stay true to who you are.

~ Mags

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